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aMe | Liberte



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40 in. X 30 in. X 1.5 in. (Length x width x canvas thickness/depth). Beautiful, Glossy Oil Painting on Highest Quality Fine Linen Gallery Wrapped Canvas of 1.5 inches thick. 

*One morning after meditating to the sounds of flowing waters, as I often do. I walked into my kitchen grabbed this expensive canvas that I had been saving, and without letting self doubt creep in, I painted the feeling of Healing Waters. In my meditative state- I kept hearing the gentle word, “WellSpring,” as I moved my paintbrush to express my love for fountains, lily pads, a bird, rain. We all have a Divine Wellspring that bubbles up inside of all of us when we slow down & connect with the spiritual, and moving water is the healing metaphor that gently reminds me to float & flow. 

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