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The Fornix aka. Dream Box

The Fornix aka. Dream Box

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The Fornix- aka. The Dream Box- the White Matter Memory & Cognitive Processing Hub in the Center of the Brain that still holds more Mysteries than the entire Ocean 🌊. It is the part of the brain where dreams are made, hope is generated, curiosity, memories are stored and processed. It is probably the single part of the brain that makes you, YOU. 

An expressive & vibrant abstract floral with Watercolor’ed Script, “The Fornix.” I marvel at the mystery & mastery of the brain- and the Fornix represents everything I love about Biology- Art/Design intersects with Science when thinking about this “C-shaped Dream Box.” One glance at this painting and I’m reminded that no matter the circumstance, it’s a brilliant day, simply for all the that’s going on beneath my skin. on BFK Archetypal cold pressed watercolor paper. 


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