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Neural Pathways

Neural Pathways

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Oil on High Quality Linen Gallery wrapped canvas.

This painting came to be after reading the book, “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It,” by Kamal G

Instead of trying to reverse my critical thoughts, create 1 main positive neuropathway that is stronger than ALL other negative thoughts- “I Love myself.” Love trumps fear, shame, lack of self acceptance, lack of self worth, hate, etc. Self compassion is the stepping stone to change. From self compassion is where abundant compassion for others’ grows and grows.  We must learn to accept ourselves and our human frailty in a gentle way with the help of our own personal connection to Divinity.
Cultivating Faith is a human journey that must be nurtured in the quiet of our hearts, in vulnerability with trusted friends.
I‘m faced with a bunch of choices each day that require me to either lean into an attitude of trust; that love is the divine rhythm 🥁 of my life, or that I need to snatch back control because I don’t trust my creator to guide me/ take care of me. When I slowww down & breath 🥰 🌬️ before reacting in fear, sometimes my soul has the chance to quietly speak gentle words that disarm my, “knee jerk, emotional reactions to want to fix, help, control, or change a situation.” When I allow my soul to speak and guide me, “I’m in Flow with the River of Life instead of fighting against the current.” 

You can trust the flow, and your part in it.


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