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Erosion & Erasure by, Jan Corcoran (Renowned artist)

Erosion & Erasure by, Jan Corcoran (Renowned artist)

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Jan Corcoran is a prolific multimedia artist from British Columbia. This dynamic multimedia, acrylic on canvas dated 2004-entitled Erosion and Erasure will be a show stopper addition to any art collection. 

 Frame dimensions 23 1/8 x 29 1/4 inches. Canvas dimensions 22 x 28 inches. 

Corcoran has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia. Her work is part of private collections in Canada, the United States, Britain, and the Bahamas, as well as the collections of the Royal Bank of Canada Calgary, the University of Saskatchewan President's Residence, EnCana Corporation Calgary and Snelgrove Gallery Collection Saskatoon.

Artist Bio.: Jan Corcoran was born in Kimberly, British Columbia. She studied psychology, women's studies, and sociology at the University of Victoria and also took courses in clay sculpting, painting and drawing, and mixed media from Victoria artists.

Upon moving to Saskatchewan, Corcoran continued her art studies through workshops, including those held at Emma Lake, with artists including Degen Lindner, Greg Hardy, Alicia Popoff, and George Glenn. Corcoran then studied at the University of Saskatchewan, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2007. Corcoran's work in oils, acrylics, and mixed media reflects the prairie landscape in an abstract style.

Corcoran is driven by an interest in the emotions provoked and memories triggered through colour and shape, and her works often feature multiple layers to create the illusion of depth. In explaining her process, Corcoran says, My work is from observation, memory, and imagination. I like to work in series, each new body of work a compilation of short vignettes that somehow reflect what is happening in my life, past experiences, learning, and observations. It is about finding a rhythm with the materials that allows me to express those vignettes through my painting.
 Bio courtesy of National Art Council. 


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