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“2 Monkeys On A Turtle,” (Brass, Mini- Sculpture)

“2 Monkeys On A Turtle,” (Brass, Mini- Sculpture)

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The perfect gift for that friend who loves to laugh. Can be used for decor, to keep on your computer at work to cultivate joy throughout the day, or as the perfect grounding object to carry around in your pocket. Every time I look at this quirky tchotchke, I am filled with the warmth of childhood nostalgia & a touch of whimsy sprinkled into my day. I am reminded to let loose, and to not take life so seriously. Couldn’t we all use something that reminds us to pause, smile, and go with the flow?

This charming memento is just right to fit in your pocket, on your shelf, or on your desk at work. With its unique design and playful message, it serves as a delightful reminder to stay true to yourself and embrace your inner badass. This whimsical piece is perfect for someone with a lively sense of humor and a creative spirit who enjoys seizing the day. Its quirky and fun character makes it a wonderful addition to any collection.

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