The daily practice of replacing shame with love

The daily practice of replacing shame with love

Shame never liberated a single spirit and self righteousness never softened a single heart.

We are all worthy of love 💗

Breathe in Love, Breathe out Fear

Breathe in Belonging, Breathe out Fear

Breathe in Freedom, Breathe out Fear

I have to practice self compassion tools in guided meditations, mantras, flow writing, calling recovery friends when I’m stuck on a negative self belief loop 🔁/resentment that I’ve picked up from the past. It’s something I must do daily to prevent more physical pain than I already have. When I’m not working on this, my brain defaults to measuring my functionality today against how I was 3 years ago, and the result is shame, frustration, “I’m failing, not good enough, depression.” 

It is difficult to Feel the unconditional love of my creator when on long stretches of debilitating pain, so I have to tenderize my pain in meditation, and put my feet in grass, look up at the clouds, the moon, and even lay down on the ground at times & let the earth cradle me. I let my dog’s wagging tail, phone calls from friends & hugs be the messages of love from the Divine telling me that I’m not forgotten, and light my daily candle 🕯️ in thanks and prayer for all those who are in the thick of it. 

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