Thank you for visiting aMe | Liberte

Thank you for visiting aMe | Liberte

ann Marvin Elizabeth (aMe) is my Artist signature & monogram. Ame Liberte means, “Soul Free, or Soul Liberation,” in French 🧘🏼‍♀️🩵.

May you find wonder & joy through viewing my art, curated treasures that represent my creative spirit. May you find Hope in reading my blog entries about my journey & perspective on Life, Humor, Love, Music, & Daily Curiosity’s.

Learning to liberate my soul via creativity, ensures my uncovering of joy & humor in the present moment.  Our lives are like an abstract-expressionism paintings, part creative intelligence full of intentional & inspired brush strokes, and part messy/unfinished business. Learning to embrace the mystery of life when your body betrays you on a daily basis is no easy task, but the hidden treasure that often comes from pain is invaluable. 

My little brother is my cheerleader & often my creative inspiration. He always reminds me, “It’s all about finding joy in the journey, no matter what the journey entails.” All are welcome here to come as you are! May this be your digital, creative haven where you are accepted and nurtured to be your most authentic self. Free from fear, free from the expectations of others’. I pray that my blog & website are a place to spark your creative spirit. We are all creations and deserve to enjoy the freedom of expression that comes with having some sort of creative outlet. Even if it’s just opening up in curiosity to the wonders in nature & life.

Thank you for Listening,


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