Naming the Things I Love 💗

Naming the Things I Love 💗

There’s no living without risk. We have to throw ourselves all in if we want to live our truest, most authentic life.

We commit to the daily search 🔦 & discovery of lightness and humor in the midst of the darkness we face everyday, so we don’t get consumed by it.

There will be no shortage of times when we feel like giving up, even when you feel trapped, even when you see no end in sight.

Empathy exhaustion is a real thing, insurmountable fear, injustice, impossible diagnosis, family tragedy, looming mortality….it’s up to us to slow down & find tools for self care 💆🏼‍♀️. Naming all the things I love & adding creative ways to wake up my 6+ senses has been my intuitive way of coping with more progressive symptoms this summer & empathy exhaustion.

Lay on the ground and let the earth 🌍 hold you, let the beauty of nature love you awake, the evening breeze & the loving glow of the moon 🌝 remind you that while life is hard it is full of so much beauty. The gift of Music 🎶, the kindness of friends, the smell of eucalyptus, the taste of warm chocolate chip cookies 🍪, the warm embrace that is more therapeutic than medicine. The feeling of warm sheets out of the dryer & how I find my dogs nestled in my pile of clean laundry 🧺 before I’ve had a chance to fold it.

-The sound of my water fountain ⛲️ & how it reminds me to pause and find my breath. Inhaling affirmations & mantras like, “Let,” (inhale ), “Go!” (Exhale 😮‍💨), “(Inhale) Love,” (Exhale) “Fear.”

-I rarely wear shoes, so I can feel the sensation of the cool ground, the brick patio, the grass under my feet 👣.

-I keep eucalyptus + mint candles 🕯️ lit

  • I put my hand on my heart during meditation
  • I watch clouds ☁️, birds, the moon 🌝, I notice every tree 🌳 & flower 🌸- my eyes take in the beauty when I’m outside
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